Thursday, April 20th 6:30p.m. – 8p.m.
    Greensboro City Council Chambers
    Melvin Municipal Office Building
    300 West Washington Street

    All nine members (from both parties) of the Guilford legislative delegation have been invited to participate.

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  • 2017-2019 Guilford County
    SEC Members

    At our County Convention on Saturday, April 8, 2017, we elected the following individuals to the State Executive Committee.
    Congratulations to those elected! Thank you for your willingness to serve!

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  • New Officers

    The 2017 Guilford County Democratic Party Convention took place on Saturday, April 8th. We had 84 precincts in attendance out of 100 organized. Click below to see our newly elected slate of officers.

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The Guilford County Democratic Party (GCDP) promotes the election of local, state, and national Democratic Party candidates.

We encourage all registered Democrats to become active with us. Your party needs you!

Get involved by calling our office, signing up to volunteer, subscribing to our email updates, and/or joining one of our GCDP organizations.

The Democratic Party believes in:

Opportunity - Providing opportunity for every American. A Strong Economy - Making sure that tax cuts go to those who most need them, plotting a course for a debt-free America, securing the future of Social Security and Medicare, investing in individuals and in communities, protecting American jobs and valuing work. A Healthy America - Fighting crime, valuing our families, protecting our environment, choice, renewing campaign reform and building one America. Peaceful Resolutions - Neutralizing the forces of chaos and instability, providing for a strong, flexible military, honoring our veterans, pursuing peaceful resolutions to conflicts, engaging former enemies, enhancing existing alliances, preventing new physical threats AND encouraging investment and real sustainable growth in areas affected by war, poverty, lawlessness and disease.


2300 West Meadowview Road, Suite 110 (Wrightsville Building)
Greensboro, NC 27407
phone: 336. 292.2997
email: info@guilforddems.org

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 2pm

Days and hours of operation increase during election periods.