January 24, 2012

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I can help in the following ways:

Work at headquarters Make phone calls
Enter data Help organize precinct literature
Distribute literature Contact neighbors
Display yard signs Take candidate to a meeting
Help put up yard signs Help raise money
Help organize events Help complete tasks at home
Work polls on election day Write letters to the editor
Serve on a committee (see below)


Communications Committee

  • Prepare content for newsletter and website
  • Develop and send press releases
Issues Committee

  • Create messages and issues
  • Develop issue statement on various media
Financial Review Committee

  • Prepare budget
  • Monitor and/or audit party cash flow
  • Prioritize expenditures for party
Facilities Committee

  • Develop plan for alternate sites based on rent,
    budget and necessity
Fund-Raising Committee

  • Cover rent and expenditures
  • Cover salary for permanent staff person
Events Committees

Prepare voter education and campaign-related events

  • Events Committee
    • Plan and coordinate events
  • Food and Beverage Committee
    • Bring in refreshments for events
Recruitment and Training Committee

  • Find and nuture candidates for city, county,
    and state elected
  • Provide training on speech, issuses, etc.
Speakers Bureau

  • Create presentations
  • Develop a community outreach program
New Voter Committee Precinct Development Committee

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