Urgent GCDP Exec Committee meeting

SATURDAY, JULY 14, 10 a.m. (Registration opens at 9 a.m.)

GTCC Jamestown Campus, 601 East Main Street, Jamestown, NC
Percy H. Sears Applied Technology Building (AT Auditorium)


  • Election of a replacement for Alan Duncan on the Guilford County Board of Education
  • Election of a replacement for Alan Duncan on the ballot for November election.
  • Election of a new Second Vice Chair
  • Filling two vacancies on the State Executive Committee

It is critical that we meet quorum at this meeting to ensure that we have a Democratic candidate on the ballot for the At-Large Board of Education race in November.

If you are unable to attend, please send a proxy.

As a reminder, if you are already a member of the CEC, you cannot serve as a proxy for another member. If you are a precinct chair or vice chair, your proxy must be a registered Democrat from your precinct.

To RSVP, or for information on sending a proxy, call HQ at (336) 292-2997 or e-mail gcdpchair@guilforddems.org.

If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration for one of the positions, please send a short bio to GCDP (100 word limit. Limit does not include website or social media links.).


Candidates for GCDP Second Vice Chair

Megan Longstreet

I’m Megan Longstreet and I’m asking you to vote for me for 2nd Vice Chair of the GCDP. As a former City Council Candidate for Ward 3 in High Point, I understand the challenges and needs of the Candidates we must support and the importance of a well-organized party with Officers empowered by the knowledge we should provide through our training programs. Currently I am the President of the High Point Central Orchestra Society, Secretary of the Guilford County Progressive Caucus, member of the LGBT Caucus, Southside of HP neighborhood association and the HP Social Justice Committee. I have been a national activist for 20 years and am excited to get to work using my extensive organizational and advocacy skills for the GCDP, creating training seminars and continuing to build bridges and break down barriers within our community.

Adrienne Spinner

Adrienne is a mother of two girls, business-owner, and social activist. She is a member and legislative team lead for Moms Demand Action, and has organized RC2 precinct. She is a strong advocate for public education, common-sense gun control, criminal justice reform, women’s and LGBTQ rights, immigrants/refugees, and a diverse and inclusive community. Always taking a respectful and organized approach, Adrienne believes that working as a party to advance Democratic values should include passion, integrity, and diplomacy. She will work with the party to learn and grow, promote progressive values, campaign for Democratic candidates, and inform and educate her community.

Candidates for School Board

Keith McInnis Sr.

Hello, my name is Keith McInnis Sr., and I was born and raised in High Point. I graduated from Ragsdale in 1987. After high school, I served in the USMC and earned three different formal degrees: BS History; Master of Education; and an ED.S degree. I have 20 years of experience in NC public education as a teacher and assistant principal. I am a single parent, therefore I understand the value of a quality education. I am here to serve GCS and to make sure every student receives a quality education in order to be a successful citizen. Contact Information: 336 989 5876, Facebook: Keith McInnis Sr.

Alfred Kraemer

I would like to be considered as a replacement for Alan Duncan’s seat on the School Board. I ran against Nancy Routh during her last run for a seat and while I did not win against a long-time incumbent, I still managed 30K+ votes to her 70K+. Most interesting was the fact that I received the endorsement from the local Tea Party, not because I was in their camp–I’m way too liberal for that–but because I gave them thoughtful, sensible and respectful answers to their questions; I think that endorsement shows I can win over people who are at the other end of the political spectrum from me.  I am attaching my CV which shows that I have both the education and experience to be an effective Board member. Thank you for your time.

Candidates for State Executive Committee

Tyler Beall

My name is Tyler Beall, and I am running for one of the male SEC positions.  If elected, I will stay committed to upholding Democratic values for as long as I am able.  As a member of the LGBT community, I hope to bridge gaps in our community that have continued to stay separated for far too long.  So far, I have already worked on bringing together members of multiple caucuses, parties, and states.  Although I consider myself to be ambitiously progressive, my biggest fault is that I dare to dream for a better future for all.  This is a position that I feel will lend invaluable experience, while also promoting diversity across multiple walks of life.