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The Guilford County Democratic Party (GCDP) promotes the election of local, state, and national Democratic Party candidates. We encourage all registered Democrats to become active with us. Your party needs you!

Get involved by calling our office, filling out our volunteer survey form, subscribing to our email updates, and/or joining one of our GCDP organizations.

Register To Vote

The NC State Board of Elections offers NC Voter Search as your one-stop shop for voter information. With this simple tool, you can learn if you are registered to vote at your current address.

Find your precinct

The precinct is the cornerstone of the North Carolina Democratic Party — local volunteers talking neighbor to neighbor. In fact, it’s one of the most effective tools we can use.

Join a gcdp organization

We encourage all registered and prospective Democrats to join and volunteer in our GCDP auxiliary organizations and help us promote the Democratic Party’s cause.

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