Get Involved with Your Precinct

The precinct is the cornerstone of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Participating at the precinct level offers you opportunities for greater involvement at county, district, and state levels. Precinct leaders serve as delegates to the county convention, submit resolutions, and are eligible to vote for the leadership of the party.

Precincts are also the grassroots of the Democratic Party — local volunteers talking neighbor to neighbor, encouraging fellow Democrats and others to register and vote, results in higher voter turnout and more elections won. In fact, it’s one of the most effective tools we can use. Precinct volunteers are key to identifying inactive and/or unregistered Democrats in the neighborhood and encouraging them to vote in upcoming elections.

Precinct Organization: Why Does It Matter to You?

  • It gives you a voice in the direction of the Party. During precinct organization, members of the precinct get to submit resolutions on issues important to them. These resolutions are sent to the county convention for approval and then on up to district and state conventions. Once approved, they become part of the Party Platform, a guideline for policy and positions for elected officials and candidates. Check out our NC Democratic Party Platform for examples of resolutions submitted in the past by precincts: NCDP Platform
  • It helps get your candidates elected. Organized precincts are better prepared to talk to their neighbors about the issues and candidates come election time. They have more volunteers ready to canvass door-to-door, to make phone calls, and to pass out slate cards at the polling locations. An organized precinct is key to the grassroots, face-to-face contact needed to win elections.
  • You get to choose replacements for your elected officials if they can’t finish their terms. If one of your local officials has to resign or move to another position, the precinct chairs and vice chairs in that district who are of the official’s political party vote on a replacement to finish the term. If your precinct isn’t organized, it doesn’t get a say in the replacement.

See how the NC Democratic Party is organized

To find out if your precinct is organized and how to get involved, contact us!

Other resources:

  • Proxy form
  • Please feel free to use the locations listed below to find which precinct you belong to!

Find My Precinct in Guilford County

There are two ways to locate your local Precinct (as well as other voting-related) information using (click on either link below):

  1. The North Carolina Board of Elections Voter Search.  This will let you search by name for voter registration information.
  2. The Guilford County Precinct Maps. This shows all the Precincts as outlined maps of each Precinct.

Upcoming Precinct Events

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