NC Democratic Party Values

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Providing a world-class public education
Providing a world-class public education to every child in North Carolina should be our top priority. We must pay our teachers enough to attract the best and brightest to our schools, and ensure that our well-trained veteran teachers do not leave the state. We must also give our teachers the support they need to help our children succeed in the classroom. Our public school system – from kindergarten on up through the University of North Carolina system – is our greatest resource, and the North Carolina Democratic Party supports making public education a priority again.

Protecting our air and water
Everyone in North Carolina should be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water. The North Carolina Democratic Party supports cleaning up coal ash ponds and believes the people who made the mess should pay to clean it up. Corporate polluters should be held accountable for their actions. NCDP opposes the corporate cronyism that allows polluters to make environmental rules and believes the Republican-led General Assembly should answer to our citizens, not its corporate donors. One of the things that makes North Carolina great is our abundance of livable communities and vibrant wildlife, and we will fight to protect our state’s environment.

Building a stronger economy
The North Carolina Democratic Party supports building a stronger economy that works for everyone in the state, not just those at the top. Every worker should be a paid a fair wage. Rather than passing regressive sales tax hikes, we should work toward tax relief for the middle class and small businesses. We should stop putting up barriers like House Bill 2 that prevent North Carolina from continuing to attract good, high-paying jobs.

Ensuring Equal Opportunity
As Democrats, we believe in equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Every North Carolinian should be treated fairly regardless of how they look or what they believe. NCDP also believes everyone should receive equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, or any other physical characteristic.