Annual Precinct Organizing Period

February 4th-February 18th

Existing Chairs or Vice Chairs can pick up their precinct packets at GCDP Headquarters M-Th from 10am-2pm or receive an electronic copy by emailing

In order to become or remain an organized precinct you must hold a meeting between February 4th-February 18th.  Meetings must have a quorum (minimum of 5 people attending).  For more details contact GCDP HQ or your area Vice Chairs.


There are over 165,000 registered Democrats in Guilford County.  We need your help to reach them all.

ORGANIZATION: Organized precincts are the foundation upon which a healthy party structure is built and is critical to electing Democrats at the local, state and federal level. An organized precinct helps us:

  • Recruit and Engage Volunteers
  • Get out the Vote
  • Ensure full representation at the County Executive Committee

RELATIONSHIPS:  You won’t just be building the Party infrastructure—which is so critically important!  You will also be building relationships. Organizing your precinct is a fantastic way to meet your like-minded neighbors and build true friendships that will last a lifetime.

REPRESENTATION:   Representation matters! Only ORGANIZED precincts get to vote in matters of Local politics and Democratic Party business.  Examples include:

  • Defining the Party’s Platform
  • Electing Local Party Officers
  • Electing Delegates to District and State Conventions/Committees
  • Electing Board of Elections Officers
  • Replacing Local Democratic Officials who cannot complete their terms (ex. County Commissioners, School Board, etc.)

Be the Change!