Guilford County Young Democrats

If you are a Democrat aged 18-35 living in or attending school in Guilford County, North Carolina – join the Guilford County Young Democrats! We are affiliated with the Young Democrats of North Carolina.

Membership in the Young Democrats of Guilford County is open to all registered Democrats in Guilford County. Any registered Democrat between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) shall be eligible for Active Membership.

The Young Democrats of Guilford County shall stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, to serve as a mechanism for satisfying political expression, and to make members of the Democratic Party aware that young people intend to take an active role in Party affairs.

This is further done by:

  • Actively promoting the elections of local, state, and national Democratic Party candidates.
  • Encouraging all registered Democrats to participate in activities and events held in Guilford County.


We are educators, factory workers, students, lawyers, homemakers, government employees, farmers, and business professionals. We are from all different races, ethnicities, socioeconomic groups, and backgrounds from across North Carolina. We are people who are drawn together by our desire to improve the common good for our communities, and the future of our county, state, and Nation.

We are people just like you! Meet us and get involved!

Young Democrats of North Carolina